A young beautiful Nigerian girl Onoh Israel Joy from Enugu State who lives and studies in Benue State was at the early hours of yesterday declared missing. The information that followed it after a few hours that her corpse was found at Federal Low Court Makurdi, where she went to deliver clothes to a customer who ordered a few wears online. It was later discovered that she was raped and after which she was killed on 20th October, 2021.

I am yet to find a better word to describe such news. From the look of it, the guy who ordered these items from Miss Joy may have been looking for a way to trap her, unfortunately, he got a more subtle way to lure her. Going with the narration, Joy sustained many bruises before she died, and this may be as a result of an attempt to wriggle her way out from the arms of the perpetrator. Her energy failed, when she found out that there could be no one to assist her.

Asking her friend yesterday while on chat, she was inconsolable of the scenario and her vent was, why will it be a struggling Joy, who barely have time for frivolous engagements. I was unable to answer the multiple questions she posed to me and I became numb at a point because I feel vulnerable in the face of such a heinous offence to humanity. On what ground, however, will a man take a life that he did not create, only because the person refused to gratify his sexual desires? What will the family of young Joy do considering the weight of the crime?

I dislike the fact that some men rape girls. It is not possible for you to have your way to every woman you see. I find it hard to accept that even as I write this, some men use this space to lure girls they will rape and murder. And I want to believe that those who carry these acts have no sisters in their homes because if they do, they’ll not have the mind to inflict pain on someone they can as well see as their sister. I don’t want to access the reason for the girl’s death. Many will say, she may have been raped because she refused to reciprocate the advances and gifts showered on her. Others will as well say, she may have scammed a lot of boys and they want to get back at her. Let me repeat it once again, there is no justification for rape.

Rape is tantamount to infringement of someone’s privacy. Any sexual act carried out without the agreement of both parties is a violation. I don’t know how you’ll think that rape is the only way to get back what a girl has taken from you. How do you enjoy something that requires your struggles? Are you a terrorist? Why will some men see women as objects, that warrant them to make the mistake of forcing them to have sex? If a girl says no to your sexual advances, stop seeing it as a defeat to your power as a man. Women are not a group of people where you learn to become powerful. There are many ways you can exercise your strength as a man and it is not a sign of heroism to target women. Think of other heroic acts.

I hope the perpetrator(s), will be brought to book and justice for the deceased family.


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