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The content of our living in the world is blessed with the special grace of God. Everyone is a recipient of God’s grace, that is why even in our little shortcomings, there is still a way God alleviates us from the pains of the mistake, which is through his grace. Anyone is equal to the sipping of the grace of God. The Jews, the Gentiles, the circumcised and the uncircumcised. No matter our frailties, we are not in any form denied the access to this beautiful gift of God.

None of us has the right to God’s grace, no matter how impeccable our minds and hearts are. We receive this privilege through the love God has for us and no one has the reservation to God’s grace, because God doesn’t operate in the standards of human wills. The more we know that grace is a great way God has given to us to celebrate inner peace, the more we understand that grace has an enabling force that showers us without measure what we do not deserve.

Grace is like a website, where everyone surfs at a required consumption of data. However, when you are incapable of recharging a data subscription, which is another thread, means the practice of strong faith in God, you may be denied the permit to browse on the website of grace. Our loving Father gave us the opportunity to have entered into this website without the struggle of any monetary value, He only needs that we can be righteous the much we can and develop a warm desire for the things of God. So, the spiritual subscription per say is the ability to make efforts in order to attract the grace of God without condition. Grace is interestingly enough for anyone who has the eagerness to avoid sin and strive for God’s grace and assistance.

When grace lives in us, we become beneficiaries of God’s other inestimable gifts. We will no longer in anyway become a people trapped by iniquities because God has given us the most important thing that matters. Our goal should always hinge on making our battery of faith more replenishing, without polluting it with the impurities in the world. The more we see this as a forum for knowing what we should do, we in every means connect to God, without internet failure or obstruction.

Many are the reasons why we need God’s grace. In the end, we can account for the unmerited favours we have received from God, which flows out from the puddle of grace. If in anyway, we are not currently challenged with consequences of sin, which can be wiped out by the Grace of God, then we are instituting a strong bond with God. The more God understands that we are erecting a new home in our mind for him to stay and live, he lavishes in us that spiritual nourishment that the world cannot give. And when we talk about building a new spirit in our lives, it involves taking risks and undergoing different surgeries that will purge away and impact in us the resplendence of God’s grace.

There are three points of contact with the formation of God’s grace.


  1. Greed-free heart

The first thing every human heart yearns for is the possibility of occupying various territories, even when they are of no use to us. It is out of human lack of contentment that we scout for more means to quench the thirst of our needing more. Any time we install a greedy mentality, we uninstall the contact we have with God and the chances of forming our heart to the promptings of God’s grace will be inept.

Faith does not value the insatiable heart. Faith seeks understanding with the heart that is contented with the little or less. It is our faith that opens a wider website of grace for a smooth entry. Grace needs lighter people, those who are not saddened by the resources of the world. Grace demands our stability to validate God’s response to our desires. Grace doesn’t live in wants that have no regard to human discomfort, grace breeds mercy in order to make strong the rings of love.


  1. Total Consecration to Faith

Our aim is to know that faith is the imminent hope of every man. The gear of faith obtains its firmness through a proper resignation to the faith value. No one who has a full submission to God’s faith that is left in the ditch of misery. Even if the sorrow may endure for a time, it doesn’t consume the arms of faith from picking one up. It is the quality of our belief that makes the rapid inrush of grace very possible. If we have pseudo confidence in matters that concerns God, we trample on the magnificence of grace.

Holiness repels unbelief and the more we become inured to the function of it, we become free to sin.

We are in our insincerity to faith, shutting down the many burrows that can lead us to God’s grace. If we do not value the beauty of grace, it may deny us the swift relationship we can enjoy from God. Grace grants us more knowledge about God. Faith equips us with the unfolding plans of God. Grace is an endorsement to accept the things God has for us. We do not have faith without grace, because grace stands to moisturizes the strength of faith. So, when we believe in God with a total sign of faith, it is not by our own capacity that we do, rather we are decorated with divine grace that is consecrated.


  1. Willing our wills

Freedom is the basic fundamental right and the more we enjoy freedom, we become indebted to responsibility. Just like we are chained by the natural law, we indirectly pay allegiance to obey them. When we will our rights to God, he possesses us with His grace. It is the third level of obtaining grace from God because when we are able to revoke the encompassing desires of the heart, we become insured to the motivations of the world.

Every day, we struggle to submit our wills to our superiors, by obeying their mandates, but we do not consider relinquishing our wills resolutely to God. Maybe because God has blessed us with the enormous liberty to make a choice of what we desire. Even though God doesn’t pursue us or wield us to bend our wills to him, it doesn’t mean that we have the right to live as the way we want.

Fulton Sheen admits that when our will doesn’t anchor on God, we are often subdued to inner death. It defines that our life as a follower of Christ is dependent on how much more of our will have we offered to God. Graces that emanate from God is inexhaustible and should ours get polluted by wages of sin, we can revalidate it by making a fast pursuit of repentance, with it, we are reinforced into living in the grace that has no limit.


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