If you are Christian, especially Catholics who condemn Big Brother Naija, I think, it is high time you stopped. Lately, I have discovered that why we speak disdainfully about the purported reality show is because a few numbers of you have preconceived the program to be a space where sexual immorality is promoted. Hardly have anyone of you, established a more tangible issue about the show. It is a sign of courageous ignorance that most of you, especially religious enthusiasts, describe that intriguing, informing and entertaining program as such, because, if you understand the peculiarity of the assignments they go through, which are very educative, you’ll shun that other side that most of you bemoan at.

One big problem with Nigerian Christian life is hypocrisy. Let’s assume they have sex, which is an infamous statement, was the program not restricted for people below the age of 18? As an adult, what can be too bad in seeing what you obviously do in the dark rooms and hotels and even on your street, at the corner of your father’s beautiful house? Why will you hungrily jump from your coven just to label that program an evil show? The promiscuity you people are against is the one, you do every period and at times use your children and maids as an instrument of sexual gratification. Why will you turn to be an average charlatan in the face of what you do? It is very destructive to live cunningly.

Let me educate you. Big Brother Naija is a pure Nigerian story staged on a National television. It is a story of a struggling Nigerian trying to get better by all means. And at times, it is very difficult to situate how anyone can be able to make his or her life worthwhile. That’s why the program comes with beautiful and inspiring tasks that keep each housemate into branding his or her best initiative in trying to win and become successful. Eventually, you didn’t succeed, there could be other consolation prizes that come with it, which are gained at the program. Do I need to emphasise how many of them, who discover their talents and who observe from housemates the uniqueness of the skills each of them possesses?

Another familiar thing we should eschew is the way we judge things without experiencing them. A good number of us, speak or write reviews of Big Brother Naija out of speculation and that’s an unhealthy way to learn and teach. To write a review of something means that you have read, or seen or experienced that thing and was able to digest very well, the components of the thing. If your ability to evaluate the event, issue or about a people or person, is generated from hearsay, then, there is probably something fishy about your learning process. Everything embodies a negative side and a positive side. Once you abandon the positive side to dwell more on the negative aspect, it is simply a new way to say that you are biased.

Think of how to get rid of your projection about immoral acts in Big Brother Naija. If you are so pious and you’d wish to satisfy your religious hunger, write to your priests, your pastors, your bishops to promote a program that distributes evenly the tenets of Christianity. How many of you tune in to EWTN to watch some wonderful programs that can quench your thirst for God? There are as many beautiful spiritual programs that will elevate your appetite for worshipping God. Unfortunately, your religious leaders may not consider making that a reality, even when they have the capacity and financial force to achieve that. The idea of defining Big Brother Naija, as something that doesn’t stimulate your spiritual antenna, could be seen as an entitlement, because the affairs being carried out in the show are not one centred. They are multidimensional.

Finally, I will suggest you keep away from feeling choked by the activities that surround Big Brother Naija. If it is not your thing, take a chill. It is not even advisable you lend a voice to everything, especially things you have control of. If you are allergic to a sexual exhibition or have been damaged by what you see from the program, I think you should blame your psyche disposition and then, you can talk to your parents who earlier exposed you to those damages. Big Brother Naija does not influence your sexual damage. It is a three months program and there is a slim chance that you would be corrupted by what you see, then what you have participated in within the nine months. Tell yourself some truth.


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