War is hellish. War is the absence of love and a deep romance with hell. If anyone inspires you to go for war, it is either the person is a beast, or he has not equally known the fractions war brings. Since war is a synonym for hell, and every human being detests the gory pictures associated with hell, then every thought for war, should be dismissed, fortunately.

Anyone who expresses the sign of war has no love for humanity and if the argument is centred on freedom, then it is wrong to speak about war to gain freedom. War and freedom are two contraries and they are not meant to exist side by side and there is no how one can be used to achieve the other, hence, it is no longer what it represents.

To give war a chance is to give an opinion to anarchy, rancour and hatred and its adverse effects may not be extinguished in a lifetime. War injects fear, even though fear is a sign of danger that is not conquered. And anytime you think about war, you calculate the loss, the damages, the wreckage of infrastructures, social networks, cultural ruins and if you think these are worth losing, then, we can canonize war as a factor that brings growth and advancement.

Those who agitate for war are those who only think that the torture of war can be reduced to what they see in the movies or propagating Machiavellian principles. They have not seen what is beyond it, which is to experience it. At times, we do not adore the peace we inhale until our peace is pierced into pieces by the drums of war. By then, it may be too late for us to connect with love, because the synthesis of war is brokenness.

Never think of war, for you do not have an account of what it will deprive you. Never speak of violence, for that instigate a painful division. Never yield to the promptings of anger, for when ignored, it translates to danger and how difficult it is to fix something already in danger. Never mind those who tell you that war is an ordinary fight between two opposing teams, for they do not understand the totality of goals, aims and opportunities, reduced to ashes. Once you think of war, think of the opposite which is love and with love, you can’t think of war.


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