Each of the first time in the past few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet with the same set of rules and regulations of life, where I am virtually stripped-down the opportunity to work with a high profile people, simply because I didn’t meet up to their community requirements. It is sad to receive disapproval especially when you consider that lifeline as the best function of your choice. But while you think about the regrets that encapsulate those choices, learn to appreciate the long history of experiences you have gathered trying to meet this goal.

Feeling disappointed is one factor of life that we, unfortunately, deny its positive side. There is a reason you didn’t get that job you applied for and when you sit down to study those reasons, take your time as well to redress in order to abort future disappointment. Before you make a move into an already new system, learn to know what becomes their requirements. Just as life demands these requirements from us, so do, every useful working institution state their protocols and when you do them haphazardly, you are likely to face another heartbreak.

I am referring to an organized society, where value is given to your qualifications and your attitude towards the realisation of this result. It is unfortunate that in our community wherein, we are experiencing a downfall in ethical standards and the fact that many heads of these departments register more value to emotion than justice, irks the most.

While I believe in following protocol is because it develops inside you the ability to do things aright, without having at the back of your mind, how a dysfunctional society or institution can favour you. The establishment of crime sits comfortably in this type of polluted society. An environment where things are allowed to flow, without having any regulation or set-out rules. The rope that connects a fast-growing society is honesty and it boils down to doing the right thing, regardless of who is affected by it.

Therefore, to think of your success in any way at all, stick to understanding the procedures, the requirements and the protocols that guide each of the institutions of life. Jumping over is a distortion; neglect of the set of rules and can generate a total breakdown to the way the institution operates. And you may become a victim of depressions, once you keep paying deaf ears to these simple instructions.


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