Lately, I have been working on the possibility of someone being infected by this pandemic disease called Coronavirus here in Aba and I am quite afraid to tell some of you who live in Aba to hastily be at alert. It may not seriously define a close reality to some of you, until one person is tested positive. It doesn’t matter how faithful you are to praying, once you do not align to the respective instructions by the health experts and medical practitioners, there wouldn’t be hope for you.

Yesterday, it started raining profusely here in Aba and it projects a slight fear to very few who said that Coronavirus do not survive in a certain temperature of heat. It is unfortunate to report that since this morning, the rays, neither the temperature has gone above 28°C unlike before we are experiencing something of 35°C and 37°C previously. However, with the condition of the environment and the setting of Aba topography, it is just open to attracting any such virus to our homes and place of businesses.

Before now, people of Aba have been deviant to the little precautions set out to regulate the spread of the virus. They were all singing in unionism on how ineffective the virus would become, whenever it thinks about the region of Aba. They also mentioned that their immune system, coupled with the type of work they do, will disembody the prevailing of this virus. Their actions towards restrictions and other possible mandates have been treated with utmost coldness. Even now that the weather is not producing rays and sunlight which would have served as a preventive measure to us, they still have a tepid mind in accepting that this virus is truly possible of emerging in Aba.

The rain that took place yesterday evening, invoked many specks of dirt and repulsive materials that are absolutely inimical to human health. The water logs, which filed from the entrance of the various streets, we’re all consumed by the traders who had no cars or means of escaping the menace. A good number of them walked inside the gully water, which had a sordid odour and repugnant smell. They were all chorusing displeasure and those who were unable to navigate peacefully were trapped and hooked. I was so unfortunate to experience it, as I had to walk back to another distance to follow back to my destination.

On Sunday, the priests who walk in the Catholic Parish where I worship made a stern effort to inform their parishioners on what to do and to what extent they will adjust, in this virus outbreak. I was attentive enough to hear the priest speak against embarrassing each other as a sign of peace, keeping a distance from anyone who is having a cough, not involving in a crowed environment, not shaking hands and rubbing hands on the face. All these were spoken about before the Mass began, but to my greatest chagrin, good numbers of them fell deaf ears to what the priest told them. Some were shaking, dancing, clogged together in admiration and many other things outlawed at this time of concern. When I summoned the courage to ask one them, he said that God of Israel will not allow his chosen ones to be plagued by this horrendous disease.

There is more to taking precautions than inviting our religious inclinations to guide our mental web. Religion plays out with reason and God does not exist in the foolishness of a man. God has not given us the possibility of mental reflection for us to downplay it with strikes of Religion. In fact, it is a pure mockery on God for not reasoning at all. It signifies that God is insensitive to human condition not to give the stream of reason, in order to avoid certain mistakes that can be screened out by the play of thinking.

Aba is too porous and if this Coronavirus happens to plunge its heat on the people of Aba, it will be like the hailstones and brimstones that fell on the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is impossible to regulate the spread if by chance this disease takes precedence here. It is a challenging moment for us, especially in Aba, where there is no good hospital that can afford the necessary measures required to combat this horrible health issue.

To the residents here in Aba; as we labour for our daily bread, may we not forget to adhere to those simple health instructions. It may be such a difficult practice,  but it is needful we harken to them, as it assures us more life. If we are able to work with the principles the health care provided to us, there will be a lesser possibility of us contacting it. We have many more greetings to do, many more handshake to offer, many more embracing to hug, but if we do not keep an arms-length, you may not live to do it as you have hunger for.

Finally, do not be deceived by anyone that this disease is a scam or it hasn’t gotten to Nigeria. Whether you like it or not, desist from that thought that rings in your mind that Coronavirus has no home in Nigeria, as if other places that record death and immortality rates, are cursed countries that don’t besiege God. We should remain resolute first to what the health care experts are informing us, rather than what your pastors and priests who have no knowledge to medicines and medical information are dishing out from their altars or place of refuge. Be mindful too that no matter one’s portfolio and office, the virus is not a respecter of anyone, especially when you are stubborn to bending down to the few antidotes you are asked to take. In all, we should be anchoring our hope in God, as he reserves the right to take away this frustrating ailment. We shouldn’t give up in praying and speaking to God.


  1. This is a wonderful piece, i’d enjoy reading. You made a sound point by pointing out the seeming catastrophe that will befall residents of Aba if this ailment should hit aba.

    Moreover, you were correct and apt by positing that people should harken and heed the medical instructions being given by experts and not their pastors or priests. I wish you would do the people of aba the good of publishing this piece in magazine or newsletters for the majority of them that can read to read and digest it and subsequently explain it to others who can’t read so that everybody will be in the know of what’s at stake here.

    Well done Sir, I’m Enyereibenyem Anyalewechi.

  2. Oh

    I am glad to read your response. They truly matter to me at this point we are beginning afresh to influence people with the little knowledge we have gotten from God.

    However, I am doing my best to intimate the people of Aba about this global plague that is threatening us. But the thing is this; they do not want to understand the reality of this virus and how endemic it can be.

    Every time, they would keep shouting ‘God forbid’, we are Christians and there is nothing that will happen to Christ-people. I smile a mad smile. They are truly deluded and I am still shocked on who is hypnotizing them because the much I know, the Catholic priests are doing their very best to tell them everything about the COVID 19.


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