Nothing is more shocking than to see a Nation which supposed to be very fruitful in every aspect continue to deteriorate in the face of crime, debauchery and crude religious mentality. I grew up to inherit a bleeding Nation, a place that becomes every day unbearable for her citizens. Each dawning day, the news is broken with harsh words about the bombed Borno, about the incessant attack at Southern Kaduna, about scores of people feared dead in an inferno at Abuja. And when I listen to hear one good thing about my Nation, I am kidnapped by the numerous families who are left in tears, because they have found a new home in refugee camps.

In an attempt to define my Nation, I have sourced more fitting words that would best describe the situation pervading her, but when I find pain, I am reduced to see that what she is plunged into is far above pain. Is it torture? It speaks no better definition. Is it penury? We lived with it all day. Is it sorrow? There has never been each day we are not squeezed into it. Could it be anger, yes, everyone is indignant? Will I say that it is like a pregnant woman ripped off her baby unwanted? If that could serve as a clear picture, it is then possible, that pain, sorrow, anger, penury and death, are what swim through the annals of my Nation.

Going with the current death trolls and the despicable scenes covered in every way of the Nation, it is predictable that a cold war silently walks through the states and destroying with it, the potentials that made my Nation great. Why this makes a terrible mark in our hearts, it steals the beautiful souls we have and make us become defiant in the sound of the gun, it makes us become aggressive and at the slightest provocation, blood flows. However, there is a way resentment, lures people to be destructive, because victims of warzone rarely admit the true essence of life.

Even though as old as my country and how we have played a key role in other country’s sustainability through our natural resources, we are impoverished. Citizens barely have some more to eat, the mineral water is overpowered by the elites and the corrupt leaders who have been asked to take the mantle of leadership by our collective performance of civil responsibility, feed us our flesh for food, our blood for a drink and suffocate us with the shrill cries of our fellow citizens. And even when we stay mute to see if things would get better, we are tormented with unmanageable fists with religious fundamentalists who peel our flesh to accept their religion.

Respectively, things never get easy. For an average man in the Ladipo market in Lagos, he thinks of how he is exposed to danger in his land and while that is not enough, he fears if his children in school are safe. For a Christian in Yakowa market in Kaduna, he is left with two options: to live or to die. And to live is to be afraid of your tomorrow, not by sickness, but by circumstances, we are left to endure. For that man in Ariaria, Aba, he shuts down his shop, because he is not assured of coming back alive if he leaves to the market. Nothing inspires them, for their life has been battered with fuel with the light on its speed to consume them.

In addition, there are strange occurrences that are beyond our control. Lives are snuffed out from the citizens as if they are wild animals and when it meets the net, it is veiled with terrorizing notice. And when you speak out against the terrible attacks, you would be sought for. It goes to tell the fate of our tomorrow. It shows that as far as we live, we have lost democracy, which ought to be the prominent system that guides us. Where the people are given the voice to convey their pains, the right to challenge the corrupt government, the authority to unseat the President, especially at this time when he is incapable of achieving the Federal goals.

Above all, I goad everyone to be safe. Life is what we need to get to the promised land. Although we are conscripted to haul our voices in the darkest room of silence, to speak less of our pain, else we will die. I encourage everyone to be steadfast, to be intentional in his or her struggle, to pray ceaselessly, especially, because without prayer, we may have been doomed and our enemies would have preyed on us and our blood sprinkled on the bushes, the roads and our rooms. This is our reality and we need to be mindful of it, that even at this gruesome moment, Nigerian leaders still make merry in celebration of 61 years of abject dependence on the dictates of our colonial masters and become conquered by the debts we owe, by the religion of violence we are forced to embrace and we become at every time befuddled that we are slaves in a Nation that assumed that has Independence.

This is N.I.G.E.R.I.A!


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