Music was part of my thing. The needful franchise you exercise when you feel bored and get in between solitude and depression. It is a construction of the mind, which conforms with the natural features of the environment. The more you become deeply oriented to the musical instruments, especially to the saxophone, you begin to reimagine the concept of the universe and how the composition began to yield truth.

Music is life when you begin to sing, you press it to your heart, the burning energy, which seemed to be lost out of human instability of consciousness. The production of this new life doesn’t come from the fact that you are only singing, it filters when you listen to your voice, uniquely echoing in a manner that will impress your living. Many a time, the figures, which are calculated through the stamping of the feet, invest a raw magnificent meaning, which reverberates your soul and can make one leap for joy.

Music is charming when you begin to invent traditional tones that swiftly runs the command of your origin. The local application brings a sense of love, a true admiration from a handful of others who have a thing of listening to the lyrics and interpretations. The delicate ascent it lends purifies the mind and makes it a source of inspiration to anyone who starts to reduce it to reasoning.

Music is entertaining when there is a flexibility. The input of humour, the selection of cords that systematically draws the rich content of an event, makes it appear simply interesting. When the voice begins to jerk, when the baritone voice flashes in, when the instruments gears towards painting an existing reality, you will see an attachment of excellence, closed up with sweet manifestation of the chorus which gives a great blend, then, you’d see a relief, such that ejects your anger, your frustration, your depression and you’d regain a stability of mind and from there, peace sets into your domain.

So, when a musician says that music is life, which has a recipe of charms and comics, then be sure that he is referring to these assertions I have mentioned above. If you are lurked up in anger, try making a musician your friend and the person would restore your sanity with just a string sound of the harp. It dissolves your resentment, it builds a storey of beauty, which is more likely to incense your mind with excitement and carve out a niche of elegance in what you do.

Music is a piece of a meal. It offers you a breakfast of courage, to face the lunch of opportunities, while it welcomes you with the dinner of love. For a meal to be able to quench your hunger, it comes with the complete application of the ingredients. The sound of music becomes pleasing to the ear when harmony is achieved through the application of other instruments. This means, what ingredients are to have a deserving meal, instruments are to the making of interesting music. Shakespearian Twelfth Night recites “if music is the food of love, play on”. In other words, it means, ” if the sound of music is a piece of meal, serve more”.


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