Sexual discipline is a unique type of topic in sex education mostly ignored in many discussions about relationships. It is significant to make notes on them and instruct young growing children who are advancing their impression for their opposite sex. This teaching is resourceful and can be used to correct sexual practices that are indulged in the establishment of friendship. There could be available information, especially stories that can fittingly used to elaborate each module and at every given time, the thrust should be on the need to regulate the rate through which a good number of young people make sex a focus. If this information is provided to them, there could be little or slim cases of rape, sexual molestation and even biological dysfunction.

The building of every child from the nascent stage through the process of adulthood with the knowledge of sex and its regulation would make a difference in the way most of us see friendship. In this process, there should be no point in exclusion. Sometimes, it is the exclusivity of genders in sex discipline that result in many dangers we read and see about sexual crime. No gender should be allowed to be preyed on, as every human being is not immune to sexual discipline. With the fast accessibility to the internet, young people are exposed to pornography and other sites that film sex scenes. Internet however becomes a bane to abiding to sexual discipline, because at every turn of the screen, anyone can have multiple and pictures of sexual escapades.

A friend once shared with me that he grew up in a decent home. But things began to change when he started coming closer to one of his uncles who lived with them in their apartment. At the age of eight, he was serving as a steward who welcomes his uncle’s girlfriends and show them the way to his room. And no matter how unready some of these girls were, they are often attracted to the beauty of his uncle’s room. There was no time his uncle wasn’t having sex at anytime he is being visited by his girlfriends. Before they begin, the uncle was always playing a blue film, a raw sexual performance that will arouse the sexual organs of the uncle and his girlfriend. He became converted to this practice of seeing the blue films whenever his uncle was absent. This continued until he reached the age of puberty and began fondling his male organ to get sexual gratification, which finally landed him into being a chronic masturbator.

Quite often, we downplay the essence of sexual discipline. Sometimes, it may be the inability of our parents to look at the type of books we read. To select a book a child reads is very vital to his or her training. It is not enough to sieve those books but to make sure he doesn’t mingle with those who have access to such books. I know it may be such a herculean work, but it is more suitable to take your time and address the issue at the cradle than to give a free hand, which will make matters worse in future. Outside the books a child reads, there should restrictions to internet access. You do not know what your children do in the guise of using your phone to play video games. There are ways these children navigate to the internet to watch these nudes and make you not have a trace of it. The youngsters are massively expanding in the knowledge of technology and no matter how versed you think you are, they are breaking boundaries to know formulations and data analysis. Do not be surprised when they hack your phones and unlock those hidden columns where you may have stored those sex videos. Be alert and know what they are doing while making use of your phone.

I grew up without knowing about phones that can film, snap and store delicate information. I know most of you did also. I got my first phone after secondary school and that was on the need to have a mobile number for registration of JAMB. In this epoch, things have changed. Barely do you see a student in JSS class not having a phone. These phones were bought to make them happy, as most parents would say. It is amusing how parents get phones for their children just for such a flimsy reason. There are other things that can make your child happy outside the purchase of phone. No matter how important they think those phones could be, it is easier for a child to lose his or her sexual discipline by mere having phones that are internet-connected. Instead of buying them phones, buy more informing books that will charge them to be researchers and critical thinkers. The death of academic research witnessed in many institutions today is because mobile phone has started making everything easier and the rate of plagiarism becomes incredible. 

There are interesting tips made available by Juliana Stewart on how to practice sexual discipline. I will like to share the five ways and make a few comments on them. They include:

1. Think about why you have decided to wait.
It is needful you evaluate the major reason that sterilized your having sex. Sometimes, it could be your religious beliefs, at times, cultural values may make you withdraw. When you remember those reasons, it will strengthen your conviction to keep yourself free.

2. Think about the rewards.
Engaging in premarital sex can make you be exposed to avoidable hiccups. This is because, the moment you realize how troubling the rewards of pregnancy, contracting sexually transmitted diseases and having to be reduced to social shame, you’ll review your sexual discipline notebooks.

3. Don’t Tell People.
There could be a tremendous risk in announcing to people, colleagues, friends about your avoidance of sex. The rate of collegial influence can equally make one lose the practical guide to sexual discipline. Your sex life is personal and shouldn’t be shared with anyone, no matter the relationship tier.

4. Avoid Dating Temptation.
Location to your dates matters and because of how you can be whisked away in a lonely environment, that is why it is formal to have a date in a busy place or vicinities that house the relatives of the person you’ve gone a date with. Avoid “meet me” dates. If you can choose your location, do that without informing the person before your meet.

5. Don’t shave your legs.
The mind prepares how our activities can be carried out, but there are minutes you need to talk to your mind about certain pre-meditated acts you finally carry. The attempt to shave your private parts might as well compel you to have something to do with the person you want to meet. To shave means, to make ready yourself for any eventuality.

In reading about the lives of great men, Truman Harry S. says I found that the first victory they won was over themselves. Self-discipline with all of them came first. Even though it has been trivialized as sex has become so common, there is an enduring reason why anyone should engage in sexual discipline. It may not necessarily be for anyone, but at a given time, you find contentment in having opportunities to think about your life, than to make pictures on how to impress someone.


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