It is human to FORGIVE


Humanity should know that forgiveness is not confronted with mercy or societal ideals. If by any way you are expected to make peace with people, do it without being compelled by anyone.

Let your voice speak, your hands demonstrate, your action exhibits that you are honestly sorry. For no one keeps in his heart, a raging storm of an unforgiving spirit, for the waves are trembling, and the sound quite violent”.

Sometimes, our pride and our little social value, blind us from knowing that we are as well subjects of forgiveness. This does not add any importance to our growth as human beings for without communion, which peace brings, the world will be impotent of advancement.

Let’s not talk about our inability to meet up with the regular decalogue, which of truth, is something we have pledged by our Christian affiliation. I am positioning my point on us. Me and you. We wrong ourselves every day. By being humans, we have been made a prisoner of disobedience, which means, to offset these wares of offence, we need to know the language of forgiveness.

By the way, what will someone do, that you can’t forgive? If we begin to cut a portion of what others do to us, rudely, perhaps by vengeance, what will become of you, of us, of everyone living?

Give space for forgiveness, no matter how bad it is. Stop being revengeful. You are unfortunately making yourself bitter, any time you are thinking forgiveness is false for you.

Grudge separates peace and gives life no place to pitch its tent.

If I should ask, what do you stand to gain, when you say, I am not forgiving you? Nothing. Just tell yourself the truth. You rather pluck a seed of distress into your heart. You just become a slave to acrimony, grudge, resentment and the worse is anger.

Forgiveness should be human. Forgiveness is tolerance and for everyone, no matter your creed, you should be a master of that language that has no respecter of your tribe, what you worship, which class you belong and your economic value.

When you inhale oxygen, how you do feel? Life. That is what forgiveness gives you when you embrace it.


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