The Catholic faithful all over the world are as a matter of tradition celebrates the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, every 8th day of September. And if you are very observant, you’d see how some Catholic adherents become so enamoured to throw a feast in commemoration of her Birthday. At times, many Catholic parishes remind their faithful of the need to usher in this beautiful feast with Novena Prayers, accompanied by the celebration of holy mass with deep catechesis concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary, properly instructed by a priest or by someone who is deeply rooted in Marian studies.

    I am very passionate about Catholic Church, not so in her errors, but in the riches and tenacity of her doctrines. Although, I am not sure if any present denominations are immune to other erroneous practices, which are sown deep into their system. However, while I realize that Catholic Church has its frailties and failures, it is apt we understand that the best legacy some other Protestant Churches enjoy can be traced back to Catholic Church. Just recently, I did have a meeting with a Winners Pastor and the first thing that snatched my sight when I walked into his palatial office was the host and wine, neatly packed at the corner of his office. As curious as I am, I engaged him on how they arrived at copying the centre; the heart of the Catholic Eucharistic feast. Sadly, he was not very certain of how it came, but he could only be sure that Christ, at the Passover Instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

    I don’t want to worry about how the Pastor and his cohorts arrive at the initiation of receiving Holy Communion, as the practice is mainly for Catholics and there are special classes and preparations that come with it. What is more intriguing here is how they copied this solemn practice, without strategic teaching about it. And believe me, the abuse that may follow the practice they carry out can be very sacrilegious because they invite people to participate in a ritual that they have slim knowledge of. If at all there is something very sacred they do, to mature their adherents, I believe, it is somehow, going to borrow the doctrinal teachings of Catholicism. Unfortunately, as you’d expect, the Pastor has no laid down principles or instructions that will genuinely guide people into that stage of spiritual grace.

    Now, apart from the issue that gravitates towards Eucharist, it is very right I point as well that the richer some of these pseudo Churches, become with basic Christian faith and teachings, the more healthier they become. Like as I mentioned in my opening paragraph, the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, should be a Christian affair, it is not necessarily something only Catholic Church should do. If Christians are courageously aligning with their founder who is Our Lord Jesus Christ, what is very improper to celebrate the mother of their Founder? Why have some of you found anything of Blessed Virgin Mary very absurd, whereas you profess a Christian identity? Will you likely disrespect the mother of the founder of Redeem Christian Church, Winners Chapel, Dominion City, and other numerous Churches founded by an ordinary human person like you? What about the wives of these founders, do you not go out of your way to lurk the internet and spread their pictures, even in most of the non-significant things they do? So, why have you decided to have fracas at the mention of the Mother of the Saviour you call every day and night?

    You see, there is a big deal to how we conceive things to how they really are. Why will you conceive the celebration of Our Lady’s birthday as idolatry, but you obviously do what you accuse the Catholics of, to some of your pastors and superficial things you admire. Why have you not accepted the fact that Blessed Virgin gave birth to Jesus and as it shows, should be honoured for being that woman that is full of grace? Is it her fault that your mum was not chosen or your sister or wife was not considered for that enviable position? Could we say you are envious of the woman’s picture, maybe because of how beautiful she is? What is really your problem?

    I quite appreciate the non-Catholics, who were not veiled with sentiments and religious bigotry, who recognised the need to celebrate the Mother of Jesus. Who told you that Blessed Virgin Mary is only the Mother of all Catholics? In fact, in the Litany of Blessed Virgin, often recited after the rosary, there is where Mother of Christians is placed. If Catholics wanted to monopolize it, they would continue to say Mother of all Catholics, which is what it seems like, because the religious trajectory of Mary, has been chased by your extreme hate for a woman that gave birth to your Jesus Christ. Our separated brethren even though are propagating the gospel of Christ, should make sure they don’t deviate from that one purpose, which is to adhere to the teachings of Christ. We are that same new Church Christ handled his mother to. And I am shocked why we have chosen to leave the mother to pursue the son.


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