If you are in a good position to always help people, the much you can, please, even without thinking of how God is going to bless you or replenish your pocket, just assist. There are a handful of people who are undergoing pains and excruciating financial instability, but if you can for want of human charity, lend this person help, even if the beneficiary forgets, there is no how the situation he or she salvaged will never resurrect to arrest you with a payback.

    Millions of people are facing a terrible challenge and some have been forced to hard labour, in order to meet their needs. Ordinarily, these people may have no technical support for the work they do, but since it is something that is going to put a little cash in their wallet, they wouldn’t mind doing it. To say that every person can go into any type of work is to accept the fact that differences are no longer respected. There is a limit to what people can do, and at times, age and health condition may render the person incapable of carrying out certain works.

    I can say, that majority of people, instead of them to remain beggars or become dependent on others, do menial jobs to cater for themselves. It is improper for you to neglect people of such a level and disregard the reality that they are hungering for assistance. I appreciate some of those, who out of their economic background do genuine works that will fetch them a cup of rice. It is very dehumanizing to watch this set of individuals labour in vain.

    If you have a gateman, for instance, I think, it is out of love and kindness, will such a person wash your car, go errands for you and clear your dustbins. Yet, you still maintain a payment meant for the work of gateman. How do you feel when you are doing that? Does it not prick your conscience that you have to add something to that? And to make the matter worse, you order him or her around to do some of these extra-domestic works, even when he or she is not obligated to carry those duties?

    Your gospel of unity should help to transform those who are scattered because of lack of financial dependence. Train people if you can. Let the gift you have, be shared with others. If you must know, there is nothing you gain, closing up opportunities people could get from you. You become richer, by the number of people you help.


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