The human mind, occupies frequent flow of thoughts, either from events that are captured, or certain experiences, that have challenged the person in life. Whenever the mind processes either of events, it develops a radio-vascular activity that swiftly runs the bits and molecules of the occasions, in order to place it in a new manner of knowledge. The human mind is scientific and any scientific-oriented person is always at the target of a possible result that would yield a better resource to the community of the living. In the laboratory preparations of certain compounds, t re to be counter-reactions, which are repeatedly done, in such a way that certain terms and conditions and the mechanical precautions are overtly considered. It is at the countless repetition of this same preparation or compounds combustion that we begin to manufacture some new influence, new means of knowledge and new focus into a body of concept or thought.

At first glance of this topic, someone would be too hasty to discard the work, maybe because the person is having certain thought about madness. It may not be necessary to your own opinion, because being mad, does not only stop at mental retardation. Developing a new principle can proceed out of the mind of someone, who reasons outside the normal thinking, that is what people call sanity. Building technological tools, that enhance the growth of human beings, necessitates the action of thinking beyond. If we can understand madness from the purview of “thinking-beyond limits”, it would help us to ascertain certain metaphysical concepts and realities that revolve in our time.

Of course, we can’t excuse the fact that there are mentally retarded people who roam the street, with little or nothing of sensibility, but it would shock you to know that these set of individuals are having a new world of beautiful realities and events. Madness in a loose sense can only be experienced through the poor income of sensitivity, low count of modifying sound ideas within the secular jurisdiction. Why we can be able to arrive at this result is because, we have visualized how the society should think, feel, act and imagine things. And when there is contrary to these, it fans into flame the assertion that the person is mentally challenged. But the question is: can someone be truly mad?

It is possible to find this part very difficult to assimilate, because hence-with, we are going to shift a little bit from the underground of thoughts to the upstairs of reason. Let’s assume that Ndi Aba has a rehabilitation centre – that is a psychiatric hospital, where about fifty persons are boarded in a compound or in a room, to be adequately taken care of by a person who we feel is different. How do we realize the result of their soundness, productivity, visibility to certain actions, if the psychiatric doctor has not made himself a product of their lives? I know it is already boring you a little but take a chill. The people we see as mad people have their own world and when they are not working according to the demands of our world, we perceive them very differently and from that moment inscribe them to be mad. If you are still insisting on the thought that madness doesn’t create a difference, be mindful too that these set of people conceived as mad, see us as mad people, because we still do not conform to the basics of their realities.

There are three points we should understand when viewing people and their characteristics, they include:

  1. Man is a machinery of difference
  2. Man is an embodiment of possibilities
  • Human mind engineer incredible materials and non-materials

It may seem a little bit perplexing, but it is something true to note that these points are the moulder of a human person. It should not surprise you that the totality of human anatomy, is challenged with these three things and a brief explanation would assist you to discontinue certain crude information you encode in your column of intellect.


The only thing that unites us is that we share in the same humanity. Apart from that, we are cleaved with numerous differences that are unbelievable. Our uniqueness is the emblem of identification since it captures in a specific dimension the image of the person’s behaviour, philosophy, ideology and most importantly how the person feels about the cosmic entities. Just because everyone is imbedded with undeniable differences, we begin to view and think differently. Our thinking is our difference because it enshrines in us a new mindset, and this mindset becomes a driving force that propels us into doing new things outside the curriculum of others. It is our differences that bring forth the modern invention, new innovative ideas and a platform for massive exploration. It is our thinking that fosters difference and we can’t think in a brand new way, without stepping out from the territory of normalcy. Stepping out from normalcy does not make one mad as we imagine, but rather it puts someone outside the confines of physical reasoning to metaphysical reasoning. This clarifies the point that irrespective of humanity being the product of differences, we should know that it draws its inspiration through our variation to reason. In the class, for instance, there are different human minds who listen to the teacher with rapt attention and when you begin to collect the result of the teaching through examination, each student reproduces his or her feeling through the way he or she understands it. In this way, the only thing we can decipher is that none of them would communicate in the same language of knowledge, but rather they produce new discovery of ideas, which exhumed out of their differences. This is why an identical twin may possess the same facial appearance, but very different in their level of IQ. There is need we know that madness is a state so also thinking. It requires someone who can transcend to that stage and standard to understand the true definition of madness. But the question is this: is your difference creditable to pure inspiring discoveries?


Majority of our life is lived with fuller attempt to unravel certain opportunities that would unlock our success. Man, however, is such an entity that embodies numerous means of exploring the world. The concept possibility defines something of various values, something of gracious inspirations, used to influence the universe. Considering that man is something that exists in reference to being, captures that man is a bundle of differences and those differences are demonstrated on the circuit of discoveries and popularity of concepts and ideas that would build the world. The man runs into the risk of birthing programs, source information and questions certain incredible events and realities out of curiosity. The mood swing of a man directs his mind proportionally to various flakes of possibilities, which incurs reputable differences. Man has the fundamental character of being always thrown. By being thrown into the world, man has “the power to be in the world”. This “power to be” means that man realizes who he is by being in the world. The world exists as man’s horizon of possibilities and meaning. Man exerts energy of new possibilities through imagination, and thinking becomes the mother of it, while feeling or emotional reaction, gives strength to thinking. The duty of a man, is to explore his environment, by bringing in imageries of exploration and this can be permissible through the understanding that man reacts differently to many things he observed in the world.


Thomas Sankara an African most important anti-imperialist leader of the late 20th century averred in his book “A Certain Amount of Madness”, ‘I would like to leave behind me the conviction that we maintain a certain amount of caution and organization. We deserve victory but you cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness. In this case, it comes from nonconformity, the courage to turn your back on the old formulas, the courage to invent the future. It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today’. This ‘madness’ takes the form of ‘undaunting audacity, preparedness and enthusiasm for decisive and radical action to overturn existing ways of doing things and thinking. Sankara again said that it is both necessary and urgent that our trained personnel and those who work with the pen learn that there is no such thing as neutral writing. In these stormy times, we cannot give today’s and yesterday’s enemies a monopoly over thought, imagination and creativity. Our mind is a compendium of the future invention and it can only be put to work at a time one does extraordinary things, in liberation to the common knowledge of what people call normal. Thomas Edison is usually credited with the invention of the light bulb, after about 1000 attempts. It appears very false to see someone persevere for countless times in order to bring to birth a new knowledge or material object that would be of necessity to man. For an idea to become yielding to the economic growth of the society, the need for a paradigm shift is required, because when there is a poor concentration or there is no vehicle of accomplishment, it would become bleak and obsolete

If you are mad at any given time or moment, the need to administer a proper difference should spur the intention of being mad. Madness is a veritable instrument used to largely create out new things that would aid man’s life in the world. Without difference, without the thought of the challenge, without the proclivity of breaking bounds, the size of our development would become thin. Every human mind should always engineer crumbs of vision, process data of scientific calculation, which would fashion the shape of the universe. Life becomes more modern every day, simply because there are categories of people who are filling the gap of romanticizing on deep reasoning. Even though people conceive such people as insane minds, but their contribution to the epistemic foundation gives them an armchair, credibility, applauds and recognition. Therefore, the most important thing to do always is to think about making difference in the world and every thought of difference can’t be workable without effort which comes out from the merits of thinking beyond physical.


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