I am not gay, I am a woman


A marriage counsellor was attending to her client, when a young couple, at about six months married walked into her office and was demanding they see the counsellor.

Bothered about their increasing pressure, she asked the other of her client to excuse her, since what she has on the ground, seems to be a more difficult case than hers.

The client being civil, accepted to take asylum in the waiting room, while she gives the young couple the privilege to see the counsellor.

My wife here wants to reveal something to me and she is insistent that she is going to do that in the presence of a marriage counsellor. I think she is doing that, in case if you have some help to offer us, then, it will be more soothing.

Very pleased to have you here, the counsellor cut in.
Please, feel free to say what you wish to reveal, she said again.

I was a man before I did a transgender and became a woman, the bride who sat at the left side of her husband said.

The room became tensed and the atmosphere was not happy with the air conditioner. Almost everyone began to sweat profusely.

What did you just say now, the husband attacked?
You mean I have been married to a man for the past six months?

No, no, you got it wrong. I am a woman.
I said I was a man. I was. Didn’t you hear that?

Overwhelmed by the news and bereaved of what to say, she sneaked out of the room, while the couple were throwing words at themselves.

I am straight, I am not gay.
I was meant to marry a woman, not someone who changed into a woman by artificial remedy.

But I have the features of a woman. (She turns around, with her generous butt and her gracious breast).

This is marriage by deceit.
I am nullifying this marriage.
It never happened.
Not me, either.

[Both of them, with high voice walking down the staircase pointing at each other strenuously and with sadness the man went into his car, drove out indignantly].

There is no room for transgender people in Nigeria. I may not grant such a request if I am in such a position to make my own opinion. Maybe a certain influence from my belief, from acceptance to truth, from an indication that there are slim chances of such sexual reproduction. It is never a sort of negligence to people in that biological formation if at all there is. I am only operating according to the moral standard of my nation and as it stands now, culture abhors such for any marital union.

It is as well inhuman to hate them or put them aside from enjoying societal benefits. They are human beings, and they have the dignity and respect they should be given. Insofar as they do not cause any harm to others, they are meant to live, bearing in mind that their presence in society is not a threat to others who also exist.

Transgender is one of the biological functions Science and technology advertised so fast. I am oblivious of how it works. I am quite a way that human desires made it seem like it is normal. It is just like the transfer of one gender to another in a split second, but it doesn’t deserve credit, because it shows an embodiment of biological conflict.


  1. The closure of your article said it all…it’s a biological conflict. Our personhood is defined by our biological composite but when you utter that natural composition, you only changed your personality but you have lost your personhood.
    I have nothing against them, I’m just wondering what gift he/she has for humanity as he/she is somebody’s gift to the world.

    • Thank you for that wonderful contribution.

      I can say that at times those who are found in this circle, do them out of scientific curiosity and may begin to cherish those features if it begins to interest them. I doubt if they have sincerely considered the gift of personhood that is altered at the conception of such act.


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