Every day, we record cases of institutions that are involved in examination misconducts and we do not care about the effects it reigns on the students who are affected psychologically, academically and social identification with others. The more we undervalue some of these, we give courage to students and institutions who stay in special centres to sit for their examinations. It does matter to us, because the moment we place a total negligence to rebirthing educational standard, especially in Nigeria, it will afford us more unique stand in the deliberation human intelligence.

Very soon, many secondary schools will begin their Senior Secondary Examination and so many institutions that have specifically registered their students in a more exclusive manner, have started making terrible arrangements on how to slick in solved questions for the students to copy. These are done in compromise to the standard of education we dream for. There are students who resigned from their previous school to register in such centers so that they’d be given that freedom to exchange papers and copy each other. These were achievable because of the amount they paid to get to this place or center.

It is through this little means that the standard of education is bottled in shame and they are not concerned about how to revive, no matter how small. Instead, some of these centres liaise with some of the educational officials in order to suspend scrutinising them for academic corruption.

Questions about how to fix this problem has been overemphasized and there is no possible solutions that are churned out. In fact, the more it receives national and international condemnation, it grounds more fists of spreading and developing more ways on how to aggravate the issue. It is simply growing increasingly with great. umber of people saluting the menace with courage, without marching principles with actions in order to sterilize the overgrowth of it.

Consequently, the spread of incompetence in our world today in the aspect of the chosen professions, wear a shrinking surprise. It is virtually wrong to speak about malpractice and other forms of abetting in the examination with such tone of softness. Speaking eagerly about it, will help to frustrate other people who think it as a norm. Maybe because we do not value scholarship, that is why people encourage the widespread of malpractice and stamp it with such a heavy logo that brings surprise.

No matter how dysfunctional the system of education is turning out in this our century, we are not to fold our hands in agreement to the poor culture of fighting for academic excellence. Possibly, as students, who desire for a disciplined state, who collectively yearn for a better country, should in every aspect, restructure the face of educational insidiousness. The more we recruit students who can say No to certain deformation of examination ethics, we can harvest a great number of individuals who sign in for more professional courses with wealth of knowledge and proficiency.

The teachers also, who are  interested in developing our reading culture and writing skills, should wake up and revamp the indolence in students and reprimanding students who do not bend down to read. At times, bribe them to study. Accept to pay someone’s school fees, the person’s wears and even to take the responsibility of funding for the person’s books, it will assist the person to have a nice impression in education and would have a lovely desire to read and research.

Discontinue that aspect of students that insist on “it is difficult ” and keep replacing it with the thought of “I can do it”. The moment you change their mentality from subscribing to the fear of failure and reclining into inferiority, there will be a sporadic change in their ways of thinking, their process of understanding and their familiarity with books will begin to grow more fervently.

Avoid speaking about how a subject is difficult than another. It frightens the joy of trying and of course .ake them to begin to doubt their capacity and capability in that subject. Constrain them to love reading too often, especially books that sharpens their mindsets. Never situate them to books they will read, because by maintaining a mainstream of book, you are indirectly pinning them down to the life of choice and stereotypes.

Dedicate much time in teaching them what they do not understand. Whenever the teacher is available for the students, it helps in directing their poor functionality to things that they do not do well. Bring in different techniques and tools on how to define concepts in various ways. Do not make them to understand the one-meaning definition of a term. By doing that, you are limiting their possibility of curiosity and the agility they should develop will sparingly dwindle.

Captivate the young ones with pictures that centralize on the physical realities. When you demonstrate such a specific opportunity, you make room for them for more growth. Do not provide more rules and dictates that will always influence them with the ‘don’ts’, rather, install in their minds the essence of believing the ‘dos’. Whenever there is a clear distinction, there will be a healthy student who will achieve more than what you expected.

No matter how the system of education, the values and the statuesque must have failed, we shouldn’t fail to remain resolute and interestingly focused on how to redefine our own process of formation. When we dispose our minds to making efforts that will aid us, more importantly, to the aspect of education, we are going to erase ignorance which build cottages in the minds of others who feel that for a system to fail, there is no room for system upgrade. And it is possible to make this happen if our thought pattern have a classic section that thinks about productive perspective, rather than decomposing with the system.



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