From time immemorial the human history has been cultured with certain challenges of gender struggles, which includes social participation, gender roles, political inclusion and other plagues that bedevilled human person. Every society is a product of two most powerful agent: the male and female and each in its premium distinction has the right to every civic responsibility. The realization of this will foster a natural flow of a society structured with careful ideas, which manifests more sporadically with the pursuit of gender equality.

The classical writers in their own frequency, have underscored the major means to reshape the world induced to irrational neglect of women in participating in every way of developing a nation. The ancient writers like Plato averred that man as a social being can be truly relevant if there is equal initiation of ideas in order to open up the opportunity to liberate the world from an economical meltdown. In the Aristocratic period when human beings are a collection of men, who are introduced into education, without giving any chance to women, things were gradually taking to decrease, especially to generating innovative ideas that can influence growth, both in the economy, infrastructural development and oriental cultural enlargement.

Biological scientists have agreed that the formation of every human organ is specifically built based on sex, not gender. This is to define that the only difference in every human person is the reserved biological organs, which play a specific role in the reproduction of human life. The donation of the sperm and the egg have no disparity, rather the introduction of each order the process of pregnancy. Consequent to this, the Neuroscientists opine that men and women have a different adaptation to pressures and have in each the capacity to reason and feeling. While they underline that men have the ability to reason, and the women have the capacity to feel, it still shows in line with this that human thinking is permissible only when you have the capacity to feel.

The social analysts have in another way threaded a more tremendous path that the inclusion of women and men in the environment, raise a fruitful establishment of industry and because women are proximate innovators, they are inscribed with the attitude of bringing new ideas, new informing skills and analysing human experiences into a more detailed exploration of human resources. Nonetheless, the contemporary society has in terrible consistence relegated the function of a woman and some women have in their great decision, accepted to align to the dictates of patriarchal society.

Kema Chikwe, one of the old feminist reformers once said that the more higher we accept this anomaly, the higher we ridicule our national economy. For her, she introduced “deconceptualization” as the only means of realizing a fair society. This means, that the more we introduce women into revamping our economic sector, the transformational it becomes. In another way, Chimamanda Adichie wrote that the political exclusion of women in the society is more rapid. She said that the higher we go, the lesser women we see. To this effect, it is sensible to agree with what Kofi Annan said while addressing the group of women at Ghana, that there cannot be an increase in development both in finance and in refineries if men and women are not given opportunity to establish their individual ingenuity.


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