Dear Employer, I Quit


If we can make a sincere survey of how many employees subdued to work under certain circumstances, you’ll be amazed at how some of the employers are outrageously heartless. And for the fact that the employee has no other alternative, he or she is compelled to embrace the challenge until he gets liberated either by another payable job or decides to reallocate to a new city.

The author of Leading the Workforce of the Future, Brigette Tasha Hyacinth, tweeted that having accessed the environment of her work and how her employer has reduced all her abilities to ruins, she decided to take a walk out of the company. Like as she said, that the company’s payment technique, is well structured and they are done at when due. But as far as she is concerned, the joy of labour does not only situate to the massive amount of salary. The environment matters too, to bring out the person’s effectiveness.

The fact that you do not feel comfortable at the place of your work, is already a wrong signal for you to quit. The majority of what we do here in Nigeria is to go through work stress and still manage a toxic environment. A place where you do not have an opinion of yourself, an environment that challenges you for standing out. It is primarily a difficult thing to do, that’s to keep risking your mental health at the expense of a job that doesn’t welcome your innovative solutions. They are bottled up with their understanding of the company, without giving any opportunity for their staff or workers to bring in suitable ideas that’ll wax the strength of the organisation.

A toxic colleague or boss is often not open to correction and that makes development very difficult to permeate the association. What they are interested in is not the continuous improvement of the company, but standing on the necessity to watch their values and mission statements carried out and carefully respected. And at each moment any of the staff or employers feel bold to challenge certain uncomfortable ethics that are harrassing the quick growth of the environment, it is either the person is labelled a saboteur or tagged as a rebellious person.

Let your voice be so convincing in trying to oppose unscrupulous rules eating down the fabric of your workplace. If your voice is doused with intimidation or expulsion from the company, take your keypad and make a polite resignation. It is better you keep your reputation and have other domain extensions than to get involved and still be bullied and policed with a high pitch of authority. However, much of the reason why you have not gotten a better place is that you are constantly tolerating your current environment without giving attention to others who are ready to hire you and even pay you for your wonderful contributions and saleable ideas.

Make it quick, Quit!

Work with your good pair of your senses, if the work steals your sanity, quit.


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