Thursday, March 30, 2023

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Princewell Okwuoha

As a seasoned writer and media correspondent, Princewell Okwuoha has spent the past ten years working with individuals and organisations on how to bring their schemes and dreams to the national stage. Through his innovative and unique approach to research writing and media correspondence, he ensures that clients can reach their target audience at every turn of time. Some of his clients have included large corporations such as Quatturo Fratres Talent Foundation and Facio Innovation Technology, and he also specializes in working with young growing newspaper publications, to enhance an excellent frontier. Princewell ensures that each project is well researched and with a twist of suitable grammatical prowess, reduces the audience into reading each content over again.

Princewell became interested in research writing during his four years of study of Philosophy at one of the remarkable Universities in Nigeria and at the course of his education, he took the task of Editor-in-Chief, "Seekers Delight Magazine", an annual publication of the institution. He was as well nominated as the Chairman, Constitution Committee of the National Association of Philosophy Students, a content he achieved with great finesse. Through researching and analytical skills, he was able to send many of his articles for publications, and the top of it was a work he wrote on Bagobirism, which got published in one of the reputable journals in Nigeria.

Princewell assembled a team of other student to work on how to give meaning to press club and journalism in his institution. Grabbing the opportunity through social media, he is still noted as a daily contributor and unparalleled initiator of amazing ideas, using his talent to restore and engineer promising youths into writing. He graduated from the University of Jos with a degree in Philosophy and he is pushing further to continue his Masters in Philosophy of Psychology in one of the profound Universities in Europe. Today, he works with Quatturo Fratres Talent Foundation, an organisation that pursues the task of developing young people to finding their purpose. He as well works as a consultant to matters on creative writing for different firms and individuals.

More About Me

From a reserved setting, etched with the intense academic voyage, Princewell has awoken different desires of many young people into exploring the world. He has digitalized writing through transforming it into talk-shows; a means he developed to reach out to other concerned individuals who can easily be motivated with human sound formula. His versatility has developed a more walkways for scholarships and refreshing ingenuity. His life is a clear definition of changing narratives: a total dismissal to stereotypes.

Princewell was remarked to be one of those who made a critical evaluation of Chimamanda Adichie’s concept of Feminism in Igbo worldview. His adept analysis earned him a Scholar of Feminism, which was admired by most of his colleagues and lecturers. With his flaming interest in feminism, he has factored in numerous means on how to combat sad misinterpretation of feminism by using Logical Positivists’ answers to re-evaluate gender disparity. What necessitated his strong negotiations to social inequality was his keen research into the socio-political system in the world, holding a reference to Nigeria. His Bachelor of Arts Degree thesis is still under scrutiny for publication and it assures to be a good taste to any intending reader.

From a family installed with the academic quest, he has written many erudite published articles and works to different magazines and newsletters. His audience has truly reckoned him for his wonderful and well-seasoned writeups. He has expanded a more inner desire in reading scientific books, historical archives, archaeological discoveries and other informing classics. He always maintains an inflow of sound perception and he has a better intention in studying Psychology, Metaphysics, History and Ethics.

There are other reputable ideas which are on the process of maturity. With the choice of rhythm into building conscious people into the analogy of sex and gender, he will spawn ample of young minds who will be able to remain independent both in career building and effective human communication. He is also interested in raising youths who will factor into the fast growth in science and technology. He is a resilient believer to the doctrine of intellectual economy, where he sees the possibility and creating enviable contents that will reform the facial outlook of the world. With his active participation in reading and writing, there will be an impressive change to his library of knowledge in a few years to come.

His Christian background has no disregard for other forms of religion, including those who have no special concern to religious affiliation. His attachment to Christianity has no common interruption to other people’s choice. He accepts constructive conversation, which enjoys to revoke or even challenge certain religious doctrines that do not have considerations to humanity. He believes in truth, as the only energy which strengthens the bars of human conscience. He dissolves racism, the proliferation of religion and indoctrination of tribal character, through writing and physical activeness.

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Being a content researcher, I have done numerous works for people in Nigeria and beyond. They testify the value of impact I have made and have enjoyed the brilliance in every input I have made. I am always open to working at affordable pay and I will be glad to be contacted by you.

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Princewell is a Philosopher, Feminist, lover of knowledge economy and an unprecedented writer of all kinds of niche.